This is a Uses page, which I was inspired to make by several people, and the text of which has been lifted/edited almost entirely from Wes Bos' Uses page. I recommend his courses, by the way. Make sure to check out for a list of everyone's /uses pages!

If I ever get a single email asking about the software or hardware I use, I'll send them the link to this page, but in the meantime I'll be damned if there's a bandwagon out there that I haven't hopped on!

I change up things fairly often, so this page will probably lag behind. If there is something missing shoot me a tweet and I'll add it.

Some of these links are amazon affiliate links. If you don't want someone else to give me money when you buy something from them at no extra cost to you, simply search the web for the product.

Editor + Terminal

PHPStorm Early Access Program (although I do have a paid license that I maintain). I use Sublime Text sometime, too. I'm trying to get into VS Code since all the cool kids are using it.


  1. PHP Inspections (EA Extended)
  2. PHP Toolbox
  3. PHP Annotations
  4. Prettier
  5. Symfony Support
  6. .env files support
  7. Others for Docker, Node, VueJS, etc.

I typically use an off the shelf GitHub light theme. Light theme?! Yes, a light theme|Which colour scheme is better?.

I'm currently using Fira Code for a font. It's free.

Desktop Apps

Firefox has been my main browser for development since a while now. I started using their Developer edition when it came out. Otherwise I use Brave.

I currently use Windows Terminal open to a WSL Ubuntu 20.04 instance or Cmdr.

I will one day put my config files in a repo, mainly for my own use. When I do, I'll link to it here.

The rest is other standard developer stuff. MySQL Workbench for occasional DB stuff, but I typically run a container w/ Adminer for stuff that's just local. Insomnia or Postman for HTTP stuff, I haven't really landed on a winner. An old, fully purchased copy of Photoshop CS6 that still runs, amazingly.

Zoom for work, of course.

Desk Setup

My current personal laptop is an HP Spetre x360 with a solid state drive and X memory running Windows 10. It does the job. Nothing to write home about. I'd like to get back into a mac, one day, maybe, if they work out the issues w/ Docker and the M1 chip. Maybe a mini, who knows?

My monitors are 2 old HP 27wm 27" that I bought on Amazon and Walmart, respectively. They're big enough and they work.

My desk is a boring old white and light wood IKEA number.

Say something here about the dock and the hub. And the bar thingie.

The keyboard and mouse are a Razer Cynosa Chroma and a Razer Mamba Elite and the giant mouse pad is this gaming thing my wife bought me that lights up. And there's also Corsair iCUE LS100 lighting kits on the back of my monitors.

There's mostly zippered sleeves and velcro for cable management behind and under the desk, plus the odd plastic/metal twisty tie. It's somewhat tidy.

Other Gear

I listen to Bose QC35 ii headphones sometimes and use a Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Gaming Headset for those pesky Zoom calls.

Updated 25 Feb 2021, Durham NC