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Updated: 18 May 2022, Durham NC

Married Life

Mrs. H and I got married in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic in a very socially distanced ceremony w/ a live stream for everyone out of town. I love my wife like crazy. Married life is awesome the second time around. I once read somewhere that, "she's better because you're better." Well, yeah, maybe I'm a little better this time around, but she's definitely the way better person between the two of us. It's going great. We live in Durham, NC w/ our two dogs, Cortana & Toph (yes, named after Halo 3 [not Windows 10!] and Avatar, the Last Air Bender).

Day Job

After a year and half as a senior developer, I've been promoted to Development Manager at TalentNet as of March of 2022. I'm leading the team that is focussed on one of their front-end ReactJS applications plus some of the APIs it depends on. Loving the job, loving the team, I'm still super happy there. I'm amazingly humbled and honored they chose me to lead the team. It's a big responsibility and I'm learning as much as I can as fast as I can so that I can be an effective manager and the team members and team as a whole can be successful. I still have my hands in code on the daily, working on full stack w/ Node, Symfony, Containers, AWS, and all kinds of stuff! Still diving into App Sec and generally leveling up as a developer and manager.

Side Hustle

Stillllll building the side thing. It's been super slow going, but I'm making occasional progress. Trying to get it into a demo-able state. Between that and my one favorite client of all time who I'm working with again, lately, I can't take other work right now; not that anyone has asked.

Playing Drums, Again!

Now that the pandemic is ... shit, I don't know. Now that we're all used to it, and people like myself who understand how germs work got vaccinated... I'm playing drums in a rock band, which has gotten me back behind my drums a few times a week between practice with the band and working on material at home. It's been awesome. I absolutely love drumming. It's when I experience "tangible joy", as I like to call it.

Volunteer Work

I've been helping the brilliant and oh-so-active-and-attractive Mrs. H with Purdue Global's PGIP Tech Internship as a mentor for the SoftDev group, and helping out BSidesRDU again for 2022 by updating their website, logos, graphics, and social media assets.

Learning All Kinds of Things

Through the day job, night time tutorials & books, and every now and then the side hustle, I've been learning as much as possible about all kinds of stuff, but especially NuxtJS, VueJS, Advanced CSS & SCSS, always more JavaScript, AWS Lambdas, Docker containers, NodeJS, CD/CI, Jamstack, and on and on...